Benjamin Sommer

Activities + Publications

I am listing here some recent activities and publications. Note that I am at the beginning of my scientific career. Therefore, this list is rather short at the moment. I studied quite a lot the past years, read a lot in physics, computer science, mathematics and other areas, to build up my academic ambition. Being a tough project, achieving success takes patience, stamina and percivierence. I am working hard to achieve success. As soon as it fulfills my personal high quality levels, I am going to list them here. I am also very secret about my work, therefore you will not find any more concrete hints to the methods and approaches I am working on right now - the field of image synthesis appears to be highly competitive, academically and in particular commercially.

On Bosonic Transport

A Master's Thesis in visual computing, read more.


2nd Rendering Competition Prize

Won the 2nd Rendering Competition Prize in the course "Computer Graphics" at the Saarland University Germany during my master in Visual Computing. Read more about Project Fallen Marblehall.


Presentation: Bachelor's Thesis

Presentation of my Bachelor thesis "Incremental Light Propagation Volumes in CAVE-like Installations" at the Open Lab Day at the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre in Munich, Germany.


Incremental Light Propagation Volumes in CAVE-like Installations

A Bachelor's Thesis in computer science, major computer graphics, read more.