Benjamin Sommer

LaTeX Editor Themes

Simple Tool Helping to Write Scientific Publications

Screenshot of advanced syntax highlighting


Easy readability. Essential features. Reflect the script.

Built Upon

LaTeX Workshop and GitHub Plus Theme for Visual Studio Code

Extensions made

Custom Workspace settings:

  1. "editor.fontFamily": "'CMU Typewriter Text', 'Droid Sans Mono', 'monospace', monospace, 'Droid Sans Fallback'",
  2. "workbench.colorTheme": "GitHub Plus Latex",
  3. "editor.fontSize": 18,


Started with upstream version: 3.7
Current version: 3.14

Why am I not updating to the most recent upstream version? The currently used, older version of upstream does all the job I need: syntax highlighting, auto-complete, and optional build configuration using latexmk. Any more features like preview of equations simply consume more computational power, and therefore battery. By the way, having the equations in mind appears to be way more important for me than feeling the ongoing urge to visualize the equation from latex code - if the code is too complex, make it simpler!

Therefore, I do not see much need to update to every most recent upstream version. It just takes precious time, for which the gain is tiny.

LaTeX Templates

In this matter, I am using private LaTeX templates latex-modernarticle, latex-modernbook and similar (which I wrote for my needs). I won't publish these for the time being. However, another theme will just work fine as well, as long as the customized tags are defined (like \note etc.).

Reason of Publication

These small extensions help me daily in writing LaTeX based documents. Maybe they help you as well.


GitHub Plus Theme (Extended for LaTeX): Download

LaTeX Workshop (Extended for the above theme): Download