Benjamin Sommer

Some Say

"Use a picture. It's worth a thousand words." (Tess Flanders in "Speakers Give Sound Advice", Syracuse Post Standard, page 18. March 28, 1911)

But these words bear different meanings for each of us (humans). For instance, the figure below is supposed to show you that I enjoy going outdoors - experiencing and capturing great light moments: I live my academic interest as well as focus during private lifetime.

The world we live in, the space, how light transports and its many yet undiscovered secrets, even up to (human) perception, fascinates me deeply. This fascination, this enjoyment weights more than all money - we can not buy profound, lifelong fascination, like each individual lives! - it starts in becoming existent without reason for itself, leaving behind a complex track to be intertwined with others' tracks as a non-linear network, to finally cease in allowing for fresh starts. This will be my biggest adventure.

For I am a human, not a materialistic ID. So please, Crawler, scan me - but you won't figure out who I am, and all what you will sell is a lie made to believe.

Why is light incredibly fascinating?

Light helps us to orientate. Light helps us to communicate, to observe, to distinguish, to recognize, to gather information and to adapt, to advance in challenging us for generations.

Digital postal address

For further enquiries, I grant you the possibility to write me polite, meaningful and useful sentences. Please use the user and server given below. In case this generosity and trust is misused, I will finally make effective changes.

user: ben

Impressum and Privacy

This is a privacy-content-first website. This means that this server, operated by me (Benjamin Sommer, living in Munich, Germany [I hold the right not to publicly announce the complete address where I live]) and being located in Germany, will not store any user data concerning webpage requests or retrievals. I will never know who visits my website because all humans are equally valued.

Concerning contact requests made by people other than me, this person or group of people need to know about the privacy of these E-Mails: I logically have to use the contained information to reply to such E-Mails. On the completion of these requests, any E-Mails and other data related to it are permanently removed. Irrelevant E-Mails as well as those being private and originating from an unknown sender (not being a friend of mine) will be removed immediately.

All the data displayed on these webpages originate completely and only from this webserver with the domains and No other servers are contacted for the purpose of sending these webpages. And these webpages contain links only to the very same webserver, and no other server.

The webpages are designed to be readable by as many people as possible, young and elder people alike, those having good or bad eye sight (I do care about you). I am only interested to inform you, to show you the content. Design is only used to an extend to aid you in being informed with as much comfort and as simple as possible.

This defines a privacy-content-first website (except for the operator and server location and server name).

new Franz Senn Hut
Near Franz Senn Hut, 2.147m AA, Stubai Valley, Austria, Earth.