LaTeXe2 marticle template

Facilitate academic writing in LaTeXe2 (slightly) with the marticle template.

This tiny template extends the (standard) extended article class with

Works with pdflatex, xelatex, lualatex. Expects .tex files are encoded in UTF8.

Sample Output

Showcasing options with some rather random text generation. From left to right: script mode with libertine, no script mode with libertine, layout of script mode for professional figure generation (\textwidth in pt units for maximum accuracy).


Get the published versions here.

They contain a demo.


script mode

The custom commands \note{} and \warn{} print the message within the right margin. Without this mode, these commands do nothing.

Overrides command \input{} by printing the designated file within the right margin, in gray color.

Typical main.tex

% custom options: twocolumn, script, typewriter, libertine, wide, narrow, noimages, bibstyle


% \subtitle{...}
% \affil{...}
% \keywords{...}
% \category{...}
% \doi{xx.xxxx/xxx}
% \summary{...}


% \input{...}
% \import{subdir/}{main}