A research project to develop a bibliography management tool focusing on literature search, and automating repeatable tasks, for advanced typists and small visual displays.

Literature search is both fun and time consuming. The amount of knowledge became huge. Even mathematicians research into computational proofs, and into dedicated languages to help find relevant contributions through clever algorithms. Once found, having to store them locally appears reasonable.

This little tool helps to

This project is open for collaboration. If you feel to help with developing, with testing, with documenting, with discussing future directions, please get in touch with me.


Teaser image of upcoming bibby tool: catalog view
The catalog of bibliographic references features a quick search (top left), fulltext search (top right), hierarchical category/keyword filtering (right), a resultset view (F1-F9; top left). Opening, editing etc. works by shortcuts (CTRL, ALT, SHIFT) with the corresponding number (1-9-0).