Fascinating, stunning is the world and nature we live in. And individuals, like we humans, live in complex abstract worlds grown through observation and processing - making unique opinions, thoughts, perspectives and emotions. Compare with Immanuel Kant's philosophy - grandpa Kurt Sommer often talked about appreciation, dignity, how to treat each other, about social justice, having had to experience war himself. The place of birth, knowledge and feelings - feeling really sorry for those humans who did not dare appreciating these. Who you are, how do you feel, how do you manage with other humans being just a bit too little selfless. How does your world look like? Listening.

Grandma Eva Sommer was both a teacher and an artist. At least through photography and through creativity, her spirit continues to live.

Under the hood, experimenting with the fundamental concept of recipies. Dad Klaus Sommer taught the intuition to cook. He studied music and learned to play piano. The emotions music can communicate between us, the dynamics and the depths of music.

A special sense of empathy was received from mum Marita Sommer. Being in ever dept - because this gift is extraordinary, making to feel a world beyond the individual. The feeling when observing people's gestures and facial expressions, their accentuations while talking. Seeing somehow into them, but only somehow.

Making creative, sensitive, playful, assiduous, a keen thinker. But some days are quite tough to bear: migraine, a hypersensitive sense of smell and sounds, having to observe and to feel quite a bit, a vivid imagination - sometimes lasting for days, coming and going. Seeing the filters in our brain are as individual as we are. We need to cope with it, without sorrow, through communication (in gratitude to uncle Manfred Sommer), through appreciation and how it relates to self-esteem (also in gratitude to ex-boyfriend D. and to the legacy of the astonishing philosophical minds), through acceptance, through sympathy, through interdependence, through dignity.