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While trying to answer every E-Mail as quickly as possible, sometimes this process may take a bit longer - how long exactly is tough to state in general. For instance, an answer may arrive the same day or within a few days, but rarely longer, though the possibility of vacation needs to be kept in mind, or the reply fails in being successfully delivered back.

By the way: this transparency spares you the circumstance of decoding this address from a tough to read picture (remind of those people having impaired vision), or from other creative linguistic complications, like separations with whitespace, or "at" instead of @. Computers crack these "security measures" anyway (due to known, fixed patterns), so why make our own life unnecessarily tough? Instead, having quite a decent (fatal) spam filter is all what is needed. Therefore, it might happen that your E-Mail is never seen, though the amount of spam E-Mails being false positive remains unknown.