On Bosonic Transport

Benjamin Sommer, University of Saarland, Germany

Beyond the visible electromagnetic spectrum as well for high radiant densities, existing neutron based radiative transport theories approach theoretical admissibility. These theories build up the foundation of contemporary physically based image synthesis. Extending this problem domain with bosonic transport may yield unprecedented artistic expressiveness, besides deeper theoretical understanding. Validity, numerical stability of Monte-Carlo estimators, and practicability concerning image synthesis of probabilistic bosonic transport are discussed. An extension in support of the fundamental theory is proposed, along with two mitigations of clamping and addition with unity. A novel approach based on material rate equations is derived: counting bosonic transport. This theory accounts for stimulated emission, stimulated absorption, spontaneous emission, energy gain and loss, fluorescence and phosphorescence on a quantized material basis within a statistics framework. A joint transport and material equation system is introduced. Saturated CIE XYZ and CIE RGB thresholds are derived.

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Bosonic transport, neutron transport, phase space, image synthesis, iterative scheme, Monte-Carlo sampling, stimulated emission, stimulated absorption, spontaneous emission, phosphorescence, fluorescence


Benjamin Sommer


University of Saarland, Germany

1st Supervisor

Assistant Prof. Markus Steinberger

2nd Supervisor

Prof. Philipp Slusallek

Successful Submission

May 16, 2018

Master's Degree Certificate

February 1, 2019




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