Fallen Marblehall

A competition in computer graphics Master's course

final rendered image
Final image for the rendering competition in Computer Graphics 2014/15

A Story

Once upon a time, there was a mighty people, prosperous, trading, sharing in days of peace. This lasted. Day after day. Month after month. They governed with fierce generosity. They build an astounding hall made of marble - in which the king should rule. In there people were talking, discussing, merry making. But then something happend time had not intended. Rumors were spreading of a prophecy, a change. All I can tell you is that these times weren't made for ever. A once mighty people - gone. Today this marble hall is fallen, nature is spreading instead. Plants are growing. At one spot the ceiling is broken, giving the hall enough light for vegetation to grow. After many years, a tree is beginning to grow where light is shining upon it. On some days, the air is so dense, so you can even see sun rays through the broken ceiling, and through the windows at the side.


I was most notably motivated by Tolkien and work of Peter Jackson. Unfortunately time was not on my side to properly render sun rays using path tracing.


University of Saarland, Germany


Winter term 2014/2015


July 2018: integrating CSS/HTML layout into website design
October 2019: once again integrating into new layout, and license to CC BY-SA 4.0